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Bedford Shredding Services

We provide a wide range of onsite mobile shredding services including Paper, Hard Drives, Digital Media, Labels, Products, Clothes, etc.  Whatever your needs, we can find a way to shred it!

Bulk Document Shredding.jpg

Large cleanup near Bedford, OH?  Not a problem, we can shred up to 200 boxes/hour with our Mobile Shredding Unit.

Residential Shredding Service.jpg

Old documents cluttering the garage can be gone today! We have LOW MINIMUMS and can come to you at your home or storage. 

We offer a variety of Document Destruction Services near Bedford, OH to fit your needs!

We will come to your location!

  • Low minimum prices

  • Fast service

  • Easy Scheduling

  • Onsite Shredding

We can Shred ANYTHING you need! Give us a call and ask how we can help.

We shred Pill Bottles, Labels, X-rays, Old Products, Etc.

A single Gigabyte of Data can contain the same amount of information as 40 paper boxes!


We will securely shred your hard drives on-site!  Protect yourself from a digital security breach with our mobile hard drive destruction! 

Teaming up with local organizations and businesses, we provide on-site shredding for several free or low cost community shredding events each year.

  • Set an appointment or call before coming.

  • Bring us your paperwork or hard drives and we will shred it immediately right in front of you!

Drop-off Shredding Service

Drop off Shredding in Clovis

If you would like to bring your paper or hard drives to us to shred we are happy to shred it right in front of you for no additional charge.

Mobile Paper Shredding Service Locations Near Bedford, OH

  • Greater Cleveland Region

  • Cleveland

  • Parma

  • Lakewood

  • Independence

  • Bedford

  • Akron

  • Willoughby

  • Beachwood

  • Mayfield

  • Macedonia

CALL NOW for a FREE no obligation 30 second Quote!

On-site Mobile Paper Shredding

We are a local shredding company in Lyndhurst, Ohio and treat our customers right!

Here are some things you can expect from us as your preferred local shredding service:

On-site Mobile Shredding - We always shred it immediately and on-site.

Easy to Work With - We can give you a FAST, 30 second quote without needing to know anything about you. 

NO Surprises - We charge a flat rate with NO hidden fees!

Affordable - We have a LOW minimum charge and offer a variety of options to meet your needs.

Flexible - We are happy to service ANYONE.  We provide residential paper shredding as well as document destruction for large government or business clients

Discount Shred can protect your Identity... and your Business

CALL NOW for a FREE no obligation 30 second Quote!
You will get someone on the line immediately, no holding, just a quick easy quote!


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